Ulysse Gélinas Interview (English)

Hello Ulysse, firstly thanks for accepting the interview invitation. Tell us something about you; your age, where do you live, how is a day in your live, or whatever you want.
R: I’m 16 years old and I’m finishing high school in a few days! I fingerboard for about a year and a half, I live in Quebec, Canada and i fingerboard and skateboard as much as I can!
How do you have contact with fingerboarding and why you decided to ride?
R: I had my first contact with fingeboarding a year and a half ago. It was a rainy day and my friend had a tech deck. I started shredding around with it and since this day, I can’t stop fingerboarding
How long time do you ride?

R: As I said I fingerboard for a year and a half.

Which was your first wooden set-up? I mean, a Pro set-up

R: My first wooden fingerboard was a china setup.

Which is your actual set-up?

R: My actual setups are: berlinwood wide, brt 32mm, flatface white brr edition wheels/ wupper workshop tefelon bottom ply, brt 32mm , flatface white brr edition wheels/ radramps 36 mm , brt 32mm, flatface brr edition A wheels, and finally, planktoon deck with brt 32mm and flatface white brr edition wheels.

What do you think about fingerboarding?

R: I think fingerboarding is insane. It’s not something anybody can be good at, and can even think about doing … To me fingerboading is literally a passion

What do you tell to beginners and amateur riders who are starting to fingerboard?

R: I would tell them: don’t stress out with your skills, everybody’ve been where you are. Just have fun and progress on your own, and find the right fingerboard style for you.

What does your friends and family think about FB?
R: my family is proud of me, excepted my sister, wich think its annoying when I do it in the kitchen. My friends hate on me excepted the ones who fingerboard but I don’t even think about that I just have fun and I don’t let negative people f*** it all up !!

Do you have another hobby?

R: I have another hobby wich is skateboarding, but I can’t do it as often, so people think I prefer finger boarding. But I like both equally.

Are you sponsored? If so, who sponsor you?

R: I am currently sponsored by Inexp Fingerboards, but they took a break for a couple months and they are slowly getting back into production.

Do you have a favorite trick? If so, which is?

R: my favorite trick would be switch flip crook or switch flip backside noseslide. It feels so natural to me i love to big flip backtail too

What or who inspires you to film videos?

R: my inspirations are: Matty Taylor, John Cowart, Xavier Grandbois, and my own brain.

What do you prefer, street or vert?

R: I prefer street for sure, but I can also start seshing my winkler mini for days sometimes.
Do you have a favorite rider? If so, who is?

R: My favorite rider is probably Xavier Grandbois ( aka MrShootthemall on youtube )

What do you like in a deck? I mean how you like them? (what kind of shape, concave, graphic, color)
R: I like my decks pretty mellow, but I don’t know i like to have multiple setups.. My preference range between mellow kicks and concave, and medium kicks and concave. I don’t like hardcore decks. I like them between 30 and 34 mm wide, and 98 to 102 mm long.

How is the fingerboard scene in your country?

R: the fingerboard scene is really good for such a young community. At first, two guys ( Francis Labissonière, and DanyMateau ) created this facebook group named Fingerskate Quebec. It all started from here. And now we are around 500 fingerboarders in my province. in Canada, the whole scene is pretty good, but i try to push the community more in quebec than the whole country.

What do you think about the Mexico scene?

R: I don’t know much about Mexico scene, but from what I have heard so far, you guys look pretty well motivated, and I think the your scene is pretty big!

Well Ulysse, now we know more about you, thanks again for accepting this interview.
Do you want to send greetings?

R: I want to send greetings to Médric Chartray, because without him, I would not be fingerboarding today. i also want to shout out my bro Francis Labissonière and Dany Mateau, and I want to give a huge shout out to all mu supporters on youtube and my father wich really helping and supporting me !

The interview has reached its end, now we know more of Ulysse, a good guy and a good rider. If you have not known, I will show his last video. Don’t forget to suscribe to Ulysse channel 😀

Translation: Alexis Ramayo and Jesús Ibañez.


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